Founder Matthias Schwarz's Professional experience:
  1. Head of Trading for a major US investment bank

  2. 25 years of Fixed Income trading experience

  3. Managing Partner of Siena Invest Family Office

  4. Founder and Managing Partner of Career Capital

  5. Director of Great Mai ltd

Committees/Boards served on:
  1. MD GM promotion committees

  2. Director GM promotion committees

  3. LGBT global executive committee

  4. Graduate recruitment senior steering committee

  5. AFME credit board

  1. Under One Sky homeless charity

  2. St. Vincent de Paul Society

  3. Stonewall ambassador

Practice areas:
  1. Trading/Sales

  2. Research/Quants

  3. Investment Banking/Syndication

  4. Fixed Income/Equities

  5. Structured Assets/Commodities

Our executives have decades of actual management experience in leading investment banks having worked with human resource managers and legal teams.

Matthias Schwarz, MD