Career Change

Navigating circumstances
to your advantage

Moving jobs

Is the grass greener at another firm?

We help you assess the facts objectively and unbiased, with our deep understanding of how compensation works we look at your market value and compensation history. Our experienced executives have been at the heart of bonus pool decision making and understand how money gets allocated.


We develop a strategy to boost your compensation in your current role or start the process of changing employers. Together we will consider the fine line of interviewing for another job without hurting your current employment, we will be the independent balance between Head Hunters and employers, we will prepare for interviews and eventually negotiate the parameters of your new job with your compensation at heart.


We assess your new responsibilities and look at your new management and reporting structure to give you the greatest possible security and long term success built on your abilities rather than taking chances. Once you start your new job we will assist in post move assessment consistent of networking goals, mapping out the management structure and peer competition.